Bearbook Projects for Marketing Team

Bearbook Projects for
Marketing Team

Bearbook gives your Marketing team newfound control over operation. Centralize your team's projects, priorities, task lists, availability, messaging and digital assets in a single solution.

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Meet Bearbook Projects: one place where your team comes together to track work requests, manage briefs, and collaborate with other teams

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Manage inbound requests and creative briefs

Stay on top of incoming requests and creative briefs, keep track of your progress, and easily share status updates with stakeholders.

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Keep feedback, files, and revisions in one place

Ask questions and receive feedback quickly, share important files, and keep everything in one organized, searchable place.

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Protect and manage your time and resources

Easily see who's busy, and who's not. View your team’s workload on a timeline or calendar, and (re)assign tasks with a simple drag and drop.

Bearbook Projects gives you everything you need to manage common creative projects and workflows

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Creative production

Manage and review incoming work requests, prioritize important work and give focused feedback

Campaign management

From the moment you assign the first creative brief all the way to campaign wrap-up, Bearbook Projects helps you keep projects on-time and on-budget.

Workload and resource management

Track team and individual team member tasks on a timeline or calendar. Easily delegate to-dos and balance workloads.

Project schedules

Quickly switch to a dedicated schedule view for any project to see how your tasks look on the calendar.

Visualize creative workflows

Visualize your workflow using Bearbook Project’s Projects Dashboard. Organize projects into columns and codify them with custom project colors.

See how it all fits together

Use Project Timelines to plot all of your projects and initiatives on one calendar to see how they all fit together.

“ The extras that come with Bearbook give it so much power. For example, we used to pay $50/month on top of Basecamp for Harvest to track time, but not nymore. We’re happy with the switch. “

Sanjay Patel

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Sanjay Patel