Team Collaboration

Unite your team and keep the work mode on. Assign tasks, take part in discussions and stay connected.

Create Online Invoice Quickly

Invite Your Team

Bearbook gives you everything you need to coordinate and manage all your team projects and processes. In bearbook, teams can work together to share, discuss and work on their content.

  • Get organized as a team.
  • Keeps work on the track.
  • Hit your deadlines.
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Print & Send Professional Invoice

Assigned Task to Team Member

Know who's responsible for doing each part of a project. Take the complexity out of managing your projects. Assign tasks and set approvals against your documents, and easily track progress. Bearbook increases accountability on the team.

  • Free yourself from day-to-day administrative tasks to focus on the big ideas that drive your business.
  • Simplify task assignment and scheduling for optimal productivity.
  • Clarify communication with easy, accurate progress updates.
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Manage invoice in your Phone.

My Agenda - Personalized Place for Everyone

With Bearbook easy to use team tools, your staff can coordinate their work easily across projects, chatting along the way to get their work done.

  • Stay connected to the conversation.
  • Collaborate with anyone.
  • Easily control access to your files. Set permissions and manage access rights for individuals and teams both within, and outside of your organization.
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