Documents & Files

Keep all your work on the line. Easily create and update your files as per your requirement on project level.

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Manage Documents

Managng your documents has never been easier. Bearbook solves the problem of managing, finding, and tracking related documents, by giving you the convience of storing electronic files and images directly within. Upload, share, discuss, repeat.

  • Easily find and share files.
  • Attach multiple documents to transaction and records.
  • Centralised document storage.
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Manage Your Project Files

Know how to eradicate all confusion and manage your endless list of project files. Keep everyone in your team updated with the status of your project. Eliminate wasted time and take your organisation to the next level of efficiency. Manage your project files smartly and efficiently!

  • Manage your projects & tasks file with ease.
  • Search for projects, tasks and collections by name to save you the time.
  • Move or copy files across tasks and projects.
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Manage invoice in your Phone.

Organise in Folder

Organise all your project related files in a folder. You can sort and filter documents for easy access to the information you rely on most. This serves as the tool that makes accessing all your hard work easier.

  • Keep all your important in one place.
  • Group your files into different categories.
  • Manage documents and multi-level folders.
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Add Files from Dropbox, GDrive & OneDrive

You can now add files from a variety of platforms. No more confusion. File management is simplified, with one-click access to files in their native file type. The files can be directly added from Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Whatever your comfort zone.

  • Upload files directly from the above tools.
  • Quickly and easily download multiple files at a time.
  • Store your files and transactions online in one place for easy access.
  • Stored and backed up online for easy reference and sharing.
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